Preview: The New Hierarchical Tracker Items

The next major release of GForge will include several new important features, including the Hierarchical Tracker Items.  Built upon the existing tracking subsystem, now tracker items can be structured in a tree fashion.  A tracker item can be assigned to any other tracker item,  becoming a subitem of it.

The new Tracer Item Browse view:

By default the tree is collapsed, you can expand/collapse all easily with the buttons at the top of the table:

The Tracker Item Edit form allows you to set the task parent, selecting it from the tree-view list of the tracker items, or directly entering the ID:

Drag and Drop:

To greatly enhance usability, we implemented a drag and drop mechanism on the Tracker Item Browse page. You can re-assign a tracker item to any other tracker item on the displayed tree, by simply clicking on it, dragging it to the desired parent item, and dropping.

Click on the tacker item you want to reasign:

Drag and drop it on the desired new parent item, a confirmation dialog box opens:

Clicking “Yes” saves the re-assignment and refreshes the tree:

We have shown you an interesting  new feature that will be available in the next major release, we know you will find it very useful.   Stay tuned, there is much more we want to share with you.

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