Preview of new plugin: an user calendar

The next major release of Gforge AS will include a new plugin: the user calendar plugin.

Users will access the calendar trough My Stuff->Calendar. Besides events created by the user, the calendar will show starting/ending tasks assigned to the user in the specified time frame.

Here it is a screenshot of the month view (please note that this is just a preview and icons and css style may change when the plugin is released)

You can see a couple of tracker items and several events. Events which lasts more than a day are marked with a green icon for the start date and a red icon for the end date. In the month view, up to two events will be displayed on each day, if there are more, a floating popup can be opened to see the rest of events. A tooltip will show when the cursor is over an event to display more detailed information about it.

There are week and day views too. In the week view, events are displayed with start/end times, here it’s a  screenshot

You can export individual events or the whole calendar (including tasks) to an icalendar file. Here is a screenshot of thunderbird with the lightning extension after importing the icalendar file from gforge

Events marked as public can be seen by others in the user’s page, and can be exported to icalendar files too.

This was just a preview of some of the features of the initial release of the user calendar plugin with the next major release of Gforge. Stay tunned for more previews of upcoming features.

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