New blog plugin on Gforge 6

The upcoming Gforge 6 release will include a project blog plugin (which replaces the previous news section) and a new user blog plugin, enabling users to easily post  articles on each user’s page.

For a project blog, only the project admin is allowed to create new posts. Simply browse to Blog->Admin and click on Add Post button, the FCK editor will show up and you can start writing your new article.

After the post has been created you will be able to add tags. Go to the Admin page and click on Edit, the tags table will be shown at the bottom.

As usual, blog posts can be commented by registered users.

Another feature of the project blog  is that for public projects, the site admin can approve a post for display on the site front page.

To access to the user blog section, browse to My Stuff page and click on the blog entry on the left menu. Any user can create his own blog and every article is readable by the rest of users.

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