GForge AS v6.0 Released!

First and foremost we at the GForge Group want to apologize for the long delay in getting version 6.0 out.  For those who don’t know, we lost our leader Tim Perdue after a long battle with cancer. As a growing business, we at GForge struggled a bit in adjusting to this newa and it delayed the release of version 6.0.  But that that is no longer the case.

We are happy to announce GForge AS 6.0 is ready and it sports several fixes and new features. Some of the most interesting are:

  • Git over HTTP: Prior to v6.0 you could only use GForge with Git over SSH.
  • CentOS6 Support: GForge AS is the first version to support CentOS6.
  • User Calendars: Project members can see assigned tasks and add their own events. You can even integrate it with other calendar application via iCal.
  • Blogs: GForge projects and users now get their own blog.  Please note this plugin is disabled of at the project level for customers upgrading. Also, in implementing the project blog we’ve removed the antiquated “news” system with a full fledge project blog.
  • Message Walls: Gforge gets social with the addition of project and user level message walls.

You can download GForge AS 6.0 from the download page.

One thought on “GForge AS v6.0 Released!

  1. Are there methods of controlling the email notifications better in 6.0 ? One of our main problems is that everyone gets spammed with email every time people go and leave hours for the day on a task, etc.

    As far as we can tell, it’s on or off. I’d like to configure it to just notify upon a state change.

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