Introducing a Daemon Process in GForge Advanced Server v6.1.0

We’ve been hard at work putting the finishing touches on our next GForge Advanced Server Release, version 6.1.0 (due out in Beta soon0.  One of the notable changes we wanted to make sure everybody knows about is the addition of the GForge daemon process.  This release we spent some time getting our “house” in order by fixing a few annoying things our users wanted immediate access to but had to wait upwards of 15 minutes for.  Specifically, with v6.1.0 the following actions will take place immediately:

  • Project creation, including the creation of the version control repository
  • Changing the version control plugin (e.g. SVN -> Git).  NOTE: it will not convert the repository itself.
  • New project members get immediate access to all parts of the project.
  • New mailing lists are immediately available.

If you plan to do a fresh v6.1.0 install you don’t have to do anything as we assume you will be using the daemon by default.  Anybody upgrading will want to be sure to check out the UPGRADE document in the distribution where we explain how you can enable the daemon on an existing installation.

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