GForge Advanced Server v6.1.1 Released

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of GForge Advanced Server v6.1.1.  Thought this is nothing more than a bugfix release, we are encouraging all customers on 6.1.0 to upgrade because it fixes a number of issues related to the revamp document manager.  Many of the fixes are focused on fixes browser specific issues in Docman and with adding back in some regressed functionality (e.g. renaming a file, editing the description, editing version change descriptions, etc).  Here is the full set of changes:

[#3717] Tracker browse page – assignee filter field should include all past assignees too
[#6988] Fix ordering of DB mod scripts for GF6.0 to be after 5.7.2 release
[#7405] When the project summary page is set to display only NEWS, the page layout is wrong
[#8129] Make Avatar image size smaller and add option to turn off avatars completely (sitewide)
[#8335] Add ability to see who has downloaded a document and when (using audit tables)
[#8362] Integrate the docman file upload widget mario developed to other plugins (missing on Wiki only in 6.0)
[#8442] On SCM->Admin page change option for SSH vs DAV to be SSH or HTTP(S)
[#8451] After creating a new account, login as site admin, new user account info still shows
[#8483] URL Encode breadcrumb URL’s and the link icon and file/folder names in docman
[#8512] Add additional “Add New Tracker Item” on browse page to top of table.
[#8602] Docman: Add ability to link to specific files and display that file in the panel
[#8604] The “Home” icon doesnt work when you are in search mode (Docman)
[#8947] Project Approval – Vulnerable to concurrent approvals
[#9023] Unable to post to message wall.
[#9024] Issue when adding removing files and folders
[#9025] Adding a new folder does not appear at all unless I check the box public folder.
[#9026] Notification of docman changes had bad link…it used old docman URL format
[#9027] Unable to upload a file in Firefox (some version)
[#9033] Tracker browse page’s data grid needs to use text for priority not number
[#9034] “Uncaught ReferenceError: Ajax is not defined” when clicking on the “Select stock avatar” popup in My settings
[#9050] In IE users can’t delete folders or rename them.
[#9056] Change “Files” in GForge menu to “Releases” because “Files” and “Docs” in the same menu confuses users
[#9058] Implement feature to rename files in docman
[#9059] The user blog plugin still uses the old FCKEditor
[#9061] Fix problem when deleting remote branch (Git)
[#9063] When leaving empty the list of enabled workflow transition scripts for a given transition, the changes are not saved
[#9064] Allow users to chnage the description and change fields in Docman

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