What to Expect from GForge Advanced Server v6.2.0

Last week we were able to release GForge Advanced Server (AS) v6.1.1 which was a bug fix release and we’ve already got a jump on development of GForge AS 6.2.0.  One thing we want to make clear is our engineering team is focusing on key huge initiatives simultaneously.  The first is v6.2.0 which we will cover in more detail in a bit but the other is the addition of a REST API.  The REST API is a vital component for the future of GForge AS because it will not only allow our customers easier and tighter integrations between GForge AS and 3rd party systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, etc) it will serve as the basis for a ground-up refresh of the user interface.  We should point out that we will eventually deprecate the existing SOAP API in favor of REST but we will give customers plenty of notice before that is official.  That said, here is what we have cooking for v6.2.0

  • Addition for web-based Chat support.  This is meant to provide a full blown replacement for things like IRC, IM where project related conversations are lost.  With the new chat implementation your chat history will be not only retained but searchable.  Also you can start chat session from many places within GForge (e.g. Tracker Items).  The Chat implementation uses extends the existing forum plugin so you get the same level of access control.
  • Forum plugin rebranded as “Discussions”.  This is more semantic than anything but it is meant to really make it clear the new plugin is a much more powerful collaboration tool than the old forum implementation.
  • Better email support for discussions.  Currently you have to used specially crafted email responses to reply to a discussion in the current forum plugin.  Going forward you can reply to forum posts and chats by simply hitting “reply” in your email client.
  • Ability to clone external Git repository during project creation.
  • Addition of pre-defined tracker queries for things like “Recently Modified”, “My Open Items”, “Unassigned Items”, etc.
  • Support for user-based SCM repositories.  This will provide user’s a place to safely store versioned code that, for whatever reason, may not be ready to be included in its own GForge AS project.
  • Ability to mass-move tracker items from a tracker in one project to a tracker of another project.  Right now this can be done one tracker item a time so this update will make moving large number of tracker items easy.
  • Ability to monitor a folder in Docman.  Right now you can only monitor a file.

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  1. Some kind of update happened a couple of days ago and now I can’t see “View Details” in Docman anymore. Docman looks totally different, which is fine, but I can’t add a new revision, delete, or see revision history for my documents. How can I tell what version of GForge AS I’m running and is there a fix for this problem? Thanks.

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