Join The GForge Group As An Intern!

GForge Group is looking for a part-time college intern to provide first and second-level technical support to our customers.  Come and join a world-class company that supports thousands of project teams around the world.  

What we’re looking for:

  1. Work from home 12-20 hours per week, Monday through Friday.  Initial term will be through the end of the spring semester with an option to be extended through the summer.
  2. We’re pretty flexible on schedule, as long as the results are right.
  3. A moderate amount of knowledge in Linux/Web systems administration.  Stuff like:
    • Linux basics (ps, grep/find, sed/awk, top, iostat, etc.)
    • Package mgmt (e.g., yum, apt-get, rpm, etc.)
    • Scripting (bash, php)
    • Apache httpd setup and config (conf files, modules, etc)
    • Version control tools like CVS, SVN, Git.
    • Bonus points for SQL and Postgres!
  4. Programming experience preferred (PHP, Python)
  5. Great customer service attitude.  Especially when they might have done it to themselves.
  6. Last and most important: willingness to learn a lot of cool stuff, and share what you know every day.

Responsibilities of the Job:

  1. Make customers really happy by fixing their problems.
  2. Research issues that don’t have an easy answer.
  3. Willingness to dig into code to possibly give a better bug report to our engineering team.
  4. Work from wherever you like, but be productive and respond quickly during working hours.
  5. Lean on other GForge staff and share knowledge whenever possible.
  6. Stay in the loop – email is a given.  We also camp out together in chat all day and have an informal daily standup, usually on Google Hangouts.
  7. Document solutions that can be re-used.
  8. Depending on how busy things are, we may even ask you to help test out new features and bug fixtures.

This sounds amazing!  Where do I sign?

Whoa, hang on tiger.  Send us a note at  Include stuff like your name.  Make sure we’ll understand how awesome you are.  We will interview you and a few other people (just to make it look fair), and go from there.

4 thoughts on “Join The GForge Group As An Intern!

    1. Hi Mark,

      I’ve updated the blog post to make it clear this is a telecommute position (i.e. work from home). We’ll collaborate online using and Google+ Hangouts.



  1. Hi Tony,

    Is this position only for college grads? Experienced professionals can also apply for this position?
    I am interested in open source technologies and other cool stuff that you mentioned in my previous work location.


    1. Hi Krishna,

      Right, this is aimed squarely at college students. Thanks for reaching out and I hope all is well with you!


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