End-of-Life for GForge 5.x Series

With the release of GForge AS 6.2.1 work has begun on version 6.3.0 and we have started planning the next point release, 7.0.  The GForge 6.x series has been live for two years and in the meantime we’ve continued to support the 5.x series.  We have realized we can’t effectively plan for version 7.0, continue development on 6.3.0, and maintain support entire 5.x series. Therefore, after October 1st, 2013 we will stop providing patches, fixes, or customer support for the 5.x series.

If you’re using any of the 5.x versions, make plans to upgrade to v6.2.1 as soon as you can.  There have been a lot of improvements from v5.x to v6.2.1 so be sure to checkout the ChangeLog, and you may download v6.2.1 of GForge AS from here.  If you need help planning your upgrade, let us know by visiting https://gforgegroup.com/support.

If you have questions or comments contact us anytime at feedback@gforgegroup.com.


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