Welcome Intern, Olivia Treu

This summer has been full of non-stop action as The GForge Group released v6.2.1, started work on v6.3.0 and began planning a major release in v7.0.0.  We’ve been keenly aware that our documentation, blog and social media interactions have lagged behind so we’ve hired a new intern to help us in those areas, Olivia Treu

Olivia will be a junior at Huntington University in Indiana.  Treu, an Iowa native, was a biology/pre-med major but has since changed her major to mathematics.  “I have always loved math and had a natural talent and curiosity for it, until this past year I hadn’t thought of it as a career option”, says Treu.  Trust us, she *is* a first-class geek.

“I like puzzles, problems that needs to be solved, especially when no one else can figure it out. I think I love math so much because it is a platform for me to solve problems. As I have gotten into higher level math courses it is all about finding the right method for solving a problem. My dad is a computer geek so I get my interest in technology from him. I am not very far into my Computer Science classes but I find it all intriguing.”  Olivia has also dabbled with Linux distributions and in her free time is a Trekkie…she particularly likes the Voyager series. When Olivia isn’t geeking out, she is taking care of her new kitten, Nish, painting, watching TV & Movies, and playing video games with her brothers.

Olivia is wrapping up her third week here with The GForge Group and says, “I really appreciate how friendly and welcoming the GForge team has been to me. One thing that I really like about [the team] is that a main concern is always to ask what can we do for our customers? How can we make this experience better for them, what tools and features can we offer them that no one else can?”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  Please keep an eye on our blog where Olivia will be posting regularly this summer in addition to sharing screencasts on specific features of GForge Advanced Server.  You can also expect to see her work front-and-center with the release of GForge v6.3.0 which will include updated documentation delivered right inside of each GForge AS instance!

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