The GForge Group Enters Public/Private Partnership with Rose-Hulman

We are happy to announce The GForge Group entered their first-ever private/public partnership with Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Specifically, an agreement has been reached to establish a special mentorship program with Computer Science and Software Engineering students at Rose-Hulman’s campus in Terre Haute, Ind.

During the school year, Rose-Hulman students will be divided into teams of four or five. Each group will be tasked with implementing a new feature in The GForge Group’s product: GForge Advanced Server. The program is designed to provide undergraduate students with real-world engineering experience.

According to Rose-Hulman Assistant Professor Chandan Rupakheti, the mentorship program, developed jointly by GForge Group President Tony Bibbs, is an incredible opportunity for software engineering students who wish to immerse themselves in “real-world” problems.

“This partnership opens up a new avenue of collaboration between academia and industry. We are extremely excited to launch this special 10-week mentorship program. It has been carefully designed for students to build software components that potentially can be rolled into the product line of an industry leader like GForge,” stated Rupakheti.

Tony Bibbs, GForge Group’s top executive, reinforced the importance of providing hands-on experience to Rose-Hulman’s students. “Every year, the job market competition increases and it’s critical for students to gain in-depth experience in product development. For example, they need to apply agile software principles, be the best in writing and testing source code and performing peer code reviews.”

Bibbs went on to say, “Through this mentorship program, the students will learn how to effectively collaborate using tools like the GForge Advanced Server. After all, we know poor project management and collaboration result in software projects that fail.”

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