Business Development Internship

The GForge Group is looking for a part-time, US-based college intern to assist in our business development and sales efforts.  Join our world-class company and help us expand the visibility of our product to project teams around the world.

 What We’re Looking For:

  1. Students pursuing a degree in business or technology related fields.
  2. As a paid intern you will work from home 15-20 hours per week, Monday through Thursday.
  3. We have a flexible schedule but most hours must be worked during normal business hours.
  4. A general love for relationship building. An equal love for the web and technology is a plus.
  5. Great customer service attitude.
  6. Last and most important: a willingness to learn a lot of cool stuff and share what you know every day.

Responsibilities of the Job:

  1. Generate quality leads for our sales and marketing functions.
  2. Conduct daily client surveys to determine which clients can improve their software engineering objects through the use of our product, GForge Advanced Server (see our corporate site).
  3. Work with interested clients to discover ways to improve engineering efficiency.
  4. Provide input on how we can incrementally improve our sales and marketing efforts.

What You Get as the Intern:

  1. Crash course in Sales 101, a critical skill for emerging students.
  2. Learn how to use a multi-channel approach (telephone, email, social media, etc) to interface with potential clients in order to “survey” their needs with GForge Advanced Server.
  3. Competitive pay with the ability to earn bonuses.

Interested students should send their resume to by October 4th, 2013.

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