Campfire Running Out?

Basecamp, the company formerly called 37signals, has recently announced they are focusing on their CRM solution also named Basecamp.  The big takeaway from their announcement is that many of their other products, most notably Campfire, is in a period of uncertainty.  While users vet their options we wanted to take a moment to highlight the fact that GForge includes nearly all the same features you’d expect in a product like Campfire while giving those conversations much more context.

Collaboration focuses on a team’s common goal.  GForge has always been known for providing teams with all the tools they need to build great software and when we introduced chat to GForge is was the perfect compliment to the existing toolchain which includes source code management, product support, issue tracking and document management.  When we combined chat with all those other features it gives collaboration real context, allowing you discuss individual documents, support tickets and issues…not just within a project.

If a tool like Campfire has become central to how your teams communicate, and you want to give collaboration more meaning we welcome you to give GForge a spin.

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