GForge 22.2 Released!

We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of GForge 22.2. This release is primarily a bug-fix release with a fair number of new features included!

Key Highlights in 22.2

  • HTTP/2 Support added – To learn more about the benefits of HTTP/2 here.
    • Tickets can now be filtered based on whether or not they have attachments.
    • Tickets can also be filtered based on they have a parent and/or child ticket.
    • Users can now react (thumbs up/down) on comments.
  • File Uploads – Fixed the issue where file uploads would die after 20MB regardless of the configured value.
  • REST API – Updated missing and incomplete documentation.
  • Site Admin – Searching projects by name has been improved.
  • Browse Projects – Users could only search for projects they knew about in prior GForge versions. This version allows users to browse all projects they have access to.

Looking Ahead to 23.0

We want to point out some important changes coming in GForge 23.0 (spring 2023). This version will add support for Kubernetes and it is going to have a new ticket editor. We’d love to get some feedback on the new editor before it is released so if you would like a sneak peak you can register a test project or you can send us an email and we can shoot over some screenshots. Additionally, for you users interested in Kubernetes, if you have any specific questions or would like to beta test this in your environment we’d love to hear form you. Just contact us at

The 22.2 ChangeLog will help you understand the changes you can expect.

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