GForge Advanced Server v6.2.0 – ChangeLog

6.2.0 Noteable Updates
– GForge AS is getting back to its open source roots. All source is now available except for one file.
– Addition of integrated Chat. This includes rebranding of “Forums” to “Discussions”. Core Features:
– Uses the power of GForge’s Security and Access Control Settings
– Chat message persisted and searchable.
– URL’s are (optionally) pumped through Google’s Safe Browsing API to prevent viruses and phishing
– URL’s are prefetched with page title and other content displayed right in chat window
– YouTube video URL’s are auto-embedded
– All project activity (commits, tracker item changes, wiki changes, etc) streamed to chat window
– Enter [#XXXX] where XXXX is a tracker item and it is auto-linked in chat
– Customizable sounds can be uploaded and played in chat.
– Upload documents via drag-n-drop to chat window (HTML5 compliant browsers only)
– Support of @ mentions in chat to get a user’s attention or to invite them.
– Completley HTTP-based implementation means no special setup or configuration is required.
– Added chat support to Tracker Items, Documents, Releases and Wiki Entries
– You can now interact with monitored Discussions (Chats, forums, etc) by replying to the emails.
– Revamped Forum User Interface.
– Addition of notificaiton center to the header. This shows all your current and past notifications.
– Added toaster feature to notify when you receive new notifications.
– GForge now ships with more powerful pre-defined queries:
– Recently Modified
– Closed
– Open
– My Open Items
– Unassigned Items
– Tracker Queries support the notion of relative dates to compliment absolute dates:
– Queries can use things like “today”, “tomorrow”, “ago”, etc
– To support this, we added a Date Criteria Tester to validate your expression.
– Added “Any User”, “Any Open Status”, “Any Closed Status” options to tracker browse page.

6.2.0 Full Changeset
[#3367] Add pre-defined queries to trackers
[#8381] Add ability to monitor a folder in docman
[#8396] Update SOAP API for Docman Changes made in v6.1.0
[#8574] Implement a chat plugin
[#8998] Tracker Query – Allow any parsable expression in date criteria
[#9095] Replace prototype drag and drop functionality with jquery in My Stuff page
[#9115] Show comment count on ‘Blog Post’
[#9116] Make US default choice when picking Country on user registration page
[#9167] Add email integration to Chat/Forum/Discussion
[#9223] Remove Trove fields from new project form
[#9225] Sort Use-Query drop down on tracker browse page by query name
[#9227] Tracker Query – Add popup content with help/examples for dynamic date fields
[#9228] Tracker Query – Add ajax “tester” function for date expressions
[#9231] Tracker Query – Add “current user” option to Assignee criteria list
[#9232] Tracker Query – Add “any user” option to Assignee criteria list
[#9237] Tracker Query – Allow any project admin to edit shared query
[#9241] Tracker Query – Add “any open” and “any closed” options to Status criteria list
[#9242] Tracker Query – Allow all query creators to share their queries
[#9246] Tracker Item – Move Monitor Item menu item from left nav to top
[#9260] Message Wall – create wall post for @unixname mentions in forum postings
[#9261] Message Wall – create wall post for @unixname mentions in tracker item comments
[#9263] Message Wall – create wall post for SCM commit message @mentions
[#9287] Fix mailman add list action to lowercase the list name
[#9291] Add discuss link to Docman
[#9292] Remove download icon from docman
[#9295] Fix formatting of project members on project summary page.
[#9305] Display text with the allowed html elements and attributes when a user presses the Source HTML in CKEditor
[#9309] Fix issue with gitweb.cgi on project imported via svn2git
[#9313] Update UI a bit for forum
[#9325] Implement auto per-user setting for view mode of CKEDITOR
[#9326] Docman: add help tooltips to the document icons
[#9329] Docman: add some visual hint to inform the user that drag and drop is available
[#9339] Fix forum message association link
[#9342] Tracker: assignee selection doesn’t work in quick query
[#9362] Modify the installer to grab php53 packages on Centos5
[#9363] SystemUtils::writeFile() could cause problems when used with the daemon
[#9386] Discussions: pressing on replying, editing or quoting shows a broken page with the CKEDITOR on top of the page
[#9393] Add config to control Google Safe Browsing API and default to false
[#9396] When users are deleted from Gforge, they will still be able to checkout/commit code from/to svn repositories
[#9397] Remove scriptaculous.js from project (jQuery only)
[#9398] Remove prototype.js from project (jQuery only)
[#9409] User search popup breaks in user message wall
[#9413] File Uploads: there’s no proper handling of exceptions regarding upload and post size limits
[#9415] Remove underscore between folder and monitor icons in docman
[#9416] Help – Some pages do not go to context-related help, left nav does not load
[#9417] In Forum View, when you hit reply to a message, the submission page should show the tabs below the form.
[#9424] Tracker Quick Browse – Add special criteria options to Status and Assignee fields
[#9433] Links to viewvc help and viewvc images are broken
[#9440] Switching from svn to git on an existing project doesn’t trigger the repository creation at first try
[#9441] Docman Cleanup – Remove redundant/obsolete code for rendering files
[#9464] Git: Commit messages are not saved in the database
[#9466] My Stuff->Message Wall : ( ! ) Notice: Undefined variable: section in /opt/gforge/lib/core/WallPostPeer.php on line 81
[#9493] Forum messages are showing escaped html
[#9500] The tracker item summary input box in tracker item edit doesn’t display anything when the string contains double quotes
[#9506] Fix front page spacing between lines, implement a proper CSS class
[#9507] Apply sorting of the countries dropdown on user registration and user edit forms
[#9511] Implement a Cross Site Scripting fix
[#9559] Bug with query editor on Assignee
[#9562] Scm ACL: 400 BAD REQUEST when editing acls using the viewvc interface
[#9569] When a new wiki link is created (for a non-existent page), clicking on the question mark throws an unhandled exception
[#9570] Create a script to automate, standardize pull request handling
[#9571] Javascript: console.log not enabled by default in IE8+
[#9576] Wiki page edit broken CFKEditor
[#9585] The git plugin doesn’t handle commit links properly on Tracker Item edit page
[#9603] The daemon is not being notified when a commit filter is set on a project
[#9604] Disable creation of dav users and access control list in svnroot-auth and svnroot-access when mod_auth_gforge is enabled
[#9605] TrackerItemBrowse – Assignee box in mass update shows historical technicians
[#9606] Tracker Query – Download options cause runtime error
[#9627] The upgrade script doesn’t create the proper symlink to jquery.tmpl.min.js in www
[#9628] Prevent overwritting of ioncube loaders or restart apache after the upgrade_gforge script is run
[#9633] Add notification icon to GForge header.
[#9638] Minor ckEditor issue with word wrapping
[#9643] On ForumMessage Browse page, several php notices are thrown
[#9645] Docman folder organizer fails to rearrange a folder when moved to root folder
[#9646] User parameter is not validated in statsRenderer
[#9671] Top Nav – Make all icons work like past notificatrions
[#9673] Upload widget not detecting non HTML5 compliant browser (e.g. IE)
[#9674] Docman does not support filenames with empty spaces, which causes versioning issues
[#9676] Fix cut-n-paste in ckeditor
[#9680] When allowing width and height attributes for the img tag in the html purify rule in gforge.conf, the img icon is not displayed in CKEditor
[#9681] When uploading an image in CKEditor it displays an popup message saying “Invalid file”
[#9683] Add Paging to Forum
[#9687] On the project index page, I get ( ! ) Notice: Undefined variable: project in /opt/gforge/lib/html/StatsRenderer.php on line 73
[#9693] When a thread is deleted, make sure to delete any user preferences related to it
[#9697] Add link to project activity report from project summary’s activity table.
[#9703] When editing a wiki page, the CKEditor is not shown and the text editor is not displayed
[#9707] Fix extra indents on notification email
[#9710] Add counts to tracker item tabs.
[#9711] Search By ID should give focus to text input when opened.
[#9714] Change text for assignee field in tracker item browse page.
[#9715] Change default SCM to Git.
[#9722] Docman SOAP API: add file method doesn’t all required fields so it throws an exception
[#9723] Forum control in “flat” mode always does quoted reply.
[#9727] Add document name to emails sent to monitoring users in docman
[#9736] Doc update notifications should include changes description
[#9743] Fix download urls in docman, and the download server side script parameters
[#9745] When trying to browse a public forum on a public project, a fatal error is thrown
[#9749] ActivityLog – TRACKER_SAVE event causes upgrade script 20120614 to fail
[#9754] 20120614 -> 20121129 update script does not set up Git template project properly
[#9762] Install – 20121115 update script fails
[#9770] A couple of typos in 20121129.php prevent the script to being executed properly
[#9771] When entering greater than and less than character in the summary fields in the Tracker Item Add page, the characters are not stored in the database
[#9773] getDocmanProjectSettings returns nil response object
[#9775] Special html characters in Summary Field are not displayed on the Tracker Edit Page
[#9777] Project Admin role settings misleading
[#9781] Special html chars in tracker item changes need to escaped, when changing priority the summary fields is also reported as changed
[#9787] In 20121129.php upgrade script, we are not removing the site admin from the new created projects
[#9799] Fix default sort for docman
[#9802] Don’t use DROP in sql updates scripts, it will fail if the table doesn’t exists (at least on 8.1)
[#9807] Tracker Item – Clicking attachments gives “Invalid parameters supplied” error
[#9810] Minor fix to Quick Jump
[#9812] 20121114.sql uses DROP TABLE IF EXISTS, not supported in PG 8.1
[#9815] When accessing the tracker item edit page, in the tabs section at the botton, a notice is displayed
[#9819] Fix HTML files when uploaded to docman
[#9825] Remove symlinked files on www during install/upgrade
[#9826] Mispelling when deleting docman folder
[#9829] Add link to “My Project Activity” to summary page
[#9835] Fix what I assume is a CSS conflict between GForge and ckeditor
[#9840] While trying to download a tracker query in xml format, a fatal error is thrown
[#9841] When deleting a tracker query, the tracker query name is not displayed in the confirmation page
[#9865] When a scm repository is set/unset to send commit emails, the daemon is not notified.
[#9867] Give full name field on site admin -> new project form focus
[#9877] Combine Page Resources (CSS, JS) for improved performance
[#9896] Tracker item email notifications has problem with break lines
[#9899] Update Readme file for scmgit plugin
[#9900] My Page – Uncaught ReferenceError: Draggable is not defined
[#9901] Install – Change httpd.conf to include rewrite rules for resource combiner
[#9902] The Session::validateHash() method assumes IPV4 addresses only, we should make it more robust to handle ipv6 addresses to
[#9903] create_config_cache.php – Add clearing of resource cache
[#9913] Issue graceful restart of apache when you enable CVS and anonymous access
[#9916] Tracker Query – Non-site-admin user gets Permission Denied deleting Query
[#9917] New Project – Standard Queries not created when project submitted by site admin
[#9918] Forum – Implement paging for message display
[#9920] Upgrade Script – Allow users to y/n for rewrite rule insert
[#9927] Docman plugin is showing blank screen
[#9931] Update the ChangeLog and Review all README, etc for 6.2
[#9932] Improve install by removing unneeded output.
[#9934] Update GForge homepage on new installs
[#9939] Display a message on Scm Admin->Edit acl pages to instruct the users that the No Access rule will not be applied if the project is public and the SCM has anonymous access enabled.

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