GForge Advanced Server v6.2.1 – ChangeLog

6.2.1 Full Changeset


[#8311] Add ability to export tracker item’s follow-ups into csv files
[#9075] Add “Assigner” role to Tracker
[#9842] For ScmCommit filters we should catch the return value of all the submited commited filters in the main pre-commit hook
[#9863] Update Eclipse Plugin against Latest Eclipse Version
[#9902] The Session::validateHash() method assumes IPV4 addresses only we should make it more robust to handle ipv6 addresses to
[#9959] When enabling/disabling the send commits to mailing lists flag the daemon is not being notified.
[#9964] Add APC installation and sane defaults to GForge.
[#9973] Upgrade jpGraph
[#9980] Tracker Item – Add historical status_id changes to audit_trail table
[#9983] Implement a proper 404 page
[#10029] Add updating of crontab to install process.
[#10033] Have version number that is on new homepage pull from VERSION file
[#10035] Git->SCM Statistics doesn’t work (Fixed for SVN/CVS)
[#10037] Tracker browse data grid has HTML entity issues with tracker summary
[#10045] Fix n/a messages sent from chat.
[#10046] Autolinks image pre-fetches etc don’t work with responding to chat via email
[#10048] Update git-process script
[#10049] Update Jenkins Plugin
[#10057] Sort projects in quick jump menu in alpha order.
[#10075] The scm_index cronjobs doesn’t check properly if doxygen is available
[#10077] When a tracker item update fails (due to some required field missing) select extra fields doesn’t remember the previous value.
[#10080] Various SOAP fixes in tracker
[#10081] When using nss-pgsql a collision betwen group names happens if an user creates an account with the same unix name than a project
[#10082] Fix tracker browse when sorting by Priority and Ascending/Descending
[#10084] Improve forum search by linking to the correct forum page on search results
[#10087] Update Wiki UI
[#10089] Make blog post title clickable
[#10090] Fix the “thread” thing at bottom of blog posts
[#10098] Bug with URL renderer
[#10107] Remove hierarchical trackers from online docs
[#10111] Mass update forgets what page in tracker browse you were on.
[#10115] When trying to upload an attachment on the Forum edit Message page the upload dialog doesn’t work.
[#10116] Front page links are rendered using LinkRenderer:renderHtmlLinks() method which causes links to break user defined format
[#10129] Add burn-down to Reporting (release list) display
[#10130] Add an entry in the support KB on git tweaking for large repositories
[#10136] Fix use of split() in scm_index.php
[#10137] Error during running of scm_index.php
[#10143] @mention in tracker should should email
[#10144] Tracker Item – End Date should not have a default value
[#10145] Build Plugin – Fix activity message wording for build result event
[#10150] Tracker Item – Display Tracker Item ID on save update delete success messages
[#10151] After submiting any search in the project search form if the date fields are empty they will be set to 0
[#10152] Document associations can’t be deleted
[#10160] Project summary table for tracker items should include Tracker ID
[#10161] Add “delete” support to chat.
[#10162] Create thread for project chat during project approval
[#10176] Fix growl notifications when mentioned in chat
[#10181] Change filesize column on tracker item files tab to show something other than bytes.
[#10183] Related chats broken
[#10185] Add a download link/icon to the tracker item’s attached files table for images and text files
[#10186] In docman in the file’s context menu clicking on download doesn’t actually download a file
[#10192] Add project activity filter for team member
[#10195] Tracker Item – Add historical status_id records for TIs with changed status names
[#10198] Bug with mass updates to multiple tracker items
[#10202] Upgrade script the code block that checks and creates the user_avatar link is wrong
[#10213] Add Spanish translations for some Tracker-related activity phrases
[#10218] Wrong BOM character at the beggining of db/pgsql/updates/20130227.sql drop view before changing amount of columns
[#10221] In the summary page blog posts are wrapped (and a See Details link is added to the end) but the wrapper could break html tags already in the post
[#10238] Create a script to fix wrong mime types on Gforge’ s filesystem
[#10239] The ajax file uploader relies on the client to set the mime type for a file we need to use the server’s /etc/mime.types instead to ensure data consistency
[#10243] TI file uploads broken
[#10245] Fix issue in html5 uploader js file that breaks js
[#10246] The add new version button for documents is missing
[#10253] Wide project search uses only tsearch2 keywords instead of using the ILIKE operator on unix_name and project_name. As result searchiing for a substring in project name will not work.
[#10256] [Thu Mar 07 07:50:14 2013] [error] [client] PHP Notice: Undefined index: selectedtoptab in /opt/gforge5.git/lib/html/Layout.php on line 451
[#10257] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: end_date in /opt/gforge5.git/plugins/tracker/wwwlib/forms/TrackerItemAdd-tpl.php on line 41 referer:
[#10258] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: form in /opt/gforge5.git/plugins/userblog/wwwlib/forms/UserblogBrowse-tpl.php on line 25
[#10259] Two php warnings in UploadHandler class see details
[#10260] In TrackerPlugin a PHP Deprecated: Function spliti() is deprecated warning is thrown
[#10261] When a new file version is uploaded the download icon in docman will not point that new version without refreshing the page first
[#10265] CAPTCHA broken on blog post when adding a new thread.
[#10266] Can’t add comment to posts on gf/project/foo/news
[#10272] Captcha doesn’t seems to work anymore on
[#10273] Chat – Set a maximum vertical height for displaying tag content
[#10274] Chat – Auto-scroll is not smart enough.
[#10278] Enable Wiki Plugin by default on the template projects.
[#10279] Minor update to wiki page when using “Heading 1” type
[#10280] Tweaks after saving a wiki entry.
[#10281] Minor formatting issue on TI follow-ups
[#10282] Add TI summary to chat activity on updates.
[#10284] Document Details – Add Association brings up file upload dialog
[#10287] The subject of the email notifciation when uploading a document and when editing document’s properties is not consistent
[#10289] Minor tweak on the Wiki about default frontpage
[#10291] CAPTCHA – Fix audio rendering to play on current page
[#10294] Doxygen hangs while parsing current TrackerQueryCSV.php for no obvious reason
[#10297] On workflow if a workflow is set for a given extra field but no transition defined a blank page will result in TrackerItemEditAction
[#10303] Improve the filesystem indexer cronjob
[#10304] Message wall propel objects have a wrong primary key configuration
[#10306] Doxygen hans when parsing plugins/tracker/lib/TrackerQueryCSV.php
[#10307] Chat “Retrieve Older Messages” doesn’t seem to work
[#10309] The h3 css propery from jquery.fileupload-ui.css (display: none) overrides dokuwiki definitions
[#10310] When clicking on a question mark (to create a new wiki page from a link) the ckeditor is displayed but without any tabs
[#10313] Docman issue with new file version uploads
[#10315] File uploaad fails with a js script
[#10316] There is no way to reliably get the mime type of a given file using magic numbers use extensions instead
[#10318] The daemon notification for new/udpdated ssh keys fails when the user unix name contains a dot
[#10320] Anonymous access on public project with public access set to wiki doesn’t work
[#10322] Fix docman issue with detecting if an uploaded doc is a new version or a new doc
[#10326] Deleting a project activity record in chat gives an error
[#10327] Getting prompted for config settings each time we upgrade
[#10329] Chat – Return error when trying to start chat on moderated forum/thread use different icon
[#10331] Chat breaks while trying to parse a given url
[#10332] Comment box not shown after validation error
[#10333] Can’t reply to a thread
[#10334] Docman: fix JS issue when downloading document from IE
[#10335] Docman: unify code to get the document versions and the current version
[#10336] In wiki when clicking on ? (for yet-to-be-created wiki page) you should go to edit tab
[#10340] Project Chat – Fix naming of newly-created forum/thread tab title
[#10341] Chat – Related chat listing shows same linked item multiple times
[#10343] Chat – Recent Chats tab does not display when an orphaned preference record exists
[#10349] Create a global settings table for GForge
[#10352] Project Activity page is slow
[#10358] The assignee field in mass update form shows historical assignees instead of only showing current developers
[#10361] Remove duplicate entries from installer output
[#10363] When observer’s project-wide access is set to “private” set all other settings to “private”
[#10369] When accesing a forum page to view a thread the activity is logged as update in the activity_log table
[#10371] 20130327.php update script will not run on
[#10372] When launching chat take user to chat room requested.
[#10373] When “Email all updates” flag is set are not properly encoded in UTF8
[#10375] Backup /etc/gforge/httpd.conf when doing install_gforge or upgrade_gforge
[#10386] On 20130326.sql we need to remove the WIHT {OIDS=false} statement since it is not compatible with postgresql 8.1
[#10388] When an user group is updated the daemon is not being notified
[#10389] MailmanEditAction – Typo in config usage
[#10393] split() is still used in several scripts in Gforge we need to replace it (most of the usage can be easily converted to explode)
[#10394] The email being send when using the mention feature in tracker has an erratic behaviour
[#10397] The scmgit plugin sometimes will fail when trying to update the hooks section in the git config file
[#10398] Fix left nav
[#10399] IN update script 20130403.php when updating forum thread activity we assume all forums have a project relation
[#10402] When chowning repositories add the -h flag so if the repository is a simlink ownership is set ok
[#10409] Chat activity for new TI includes summary twice.
[#10415] Move “Add New Tracker Item” button on tracker browse to right side and add another button to the top
[#10416] Implement missing link in folder monitoring in docman
[#10419] Derive related TI from branch name
[#10443] Add a check for inactive projects in forum/discussion email gateway
[#10452] Add record count to top of tracker item query tracker item browse project search and site-wide search.
[#10453] Add single page “select all” option to tracker browse and tracker query pages
[#10466] Bug with Tracker Query and (any closed status)
[#10467] Clean-up Edit SSH Keys Screen
[#10468] Customer reports that he gets tracker item notifications when the time tracking is updated
[#10472] Clean up Tracker Item Browse filter form
[#10476] SCM Hooks –
[#10480] Update ti quickbrowse format and move table buttons.
[#10487] A typo and a call to ScmPreferencePeer::retrieveByPk without passing false for the useCache parameter results in erratic behaviour when swtiching from ssh to http on git
[#10491] Prevent invalid IDs from linking to tracker in ViewVC for SVN and CVS
[#10498] Typo in forum gateway prevents messages to be created. Use the last message as inReplyTo for proper threading
[#10500] The case of the mysterious double post
[#10520] PDF to Text cron errors need fixing
[#10521] On new installs enforce UTF-8 encoding when the postgresql database cluster is not initialized
[#10527] Fix Docman mime type detection on file upload
[#10529] 20120914.php – addStandardQueries fails when no status field is present
[#10530] 20121115.php – Upgrade fails with unicode characters
[#10531] 20130403 – Fails for large databases (many forums threads messages)
[#10532] The update_vectors() trigger needs to be improved so it only runs on every table when proper fields are updated
[#10534] TrackerItemQuery – SQL error when choosing one or more statuses
[#10537] Tracker Item Detail problem with activity_log?
[#10540] The acitvity graph in project summary page is broken
[#10544] When uploading files through the FRS section the same problem with MIME type that hit us before in docman happens
[#10545] Some mime types in AS project’s Sounds folder not shown in chat
[#10547] Charts and graphs won’t display when output buffering is active
[#10552] When searching projects results are duplicated
[#10553] While parsing the old project_activity_vw an exception will be thrown if the project doesn’t exists
[#10554] When commiting using tracker item id references in commit log the old version sha is cutted
[#10557] Update rewrite rules in httpd.conf.example
[#10559] Fix 20130327.php script to not prompt when not needed
[#10560] When parsing git-receive-pack output from post script we must exclude the current branch
[#10562] Fix logic in update scripts 20130108.php and 20130327.php flip return value for better readability
[#10569] Remove extra line in ScmCommit that causes the SOAP API WSDL to be invalid
[#10571] Fix workflow transition “change the field to” selected value

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